Final Fantasy VII Rebirth takes around 40 hours to finish, over 100 hours to 100% completion

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Playing through Final Fantasy VII Rebirth’s main storyline will take around 40 hours, but will take more than that to get everything to 100 percent completion, reports claim.

The word about the average time it takes to finish Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth with a sole focus on its storyline at around 40 hours came from the Thai gaming outlet, This Is Game. It comes following an interview with Tetsuya Nomura, Naoki Hamaguchi, and Yoshinori Kitase.

Meanwhile, X (formerly Twitter) user Wario64 quoted Naoki Hamaguchi as saying that Rebirth has “nearly 100 hours of adventure” that awaits. This is in reference to everything that the developing title has to offer when the game finally reaches its completed state.

But while those numbers are understandably subjective to how a player plays, which could mean a difference between going through the game at the bare minimum and progressing through the game overprepared. But HowLongToBeat suggests that the numbers may actually be lower. In particular, it states that going through the game’s main campaign will last 33 hours while completionists are looking at 86 hours.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned numbers are typical for a JRPG, and Final Fantasy VII Rebirth certainly fits that description.

The 30-ish to 40-ish hour mark may imply that players will be playing Rebirth from scratch. However, further into the interview, it is revealed that players will not be starting from level 1 in the second installment of the trilogy. Instead, players will begin at a level that the developers estimate to be the average level that players finish Remake.