Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Version 1.020 Patch Now Available; Several Bug Fixes and Improvements

Square Enix has just pushed out the Version 1.020 patch to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth on PlayStation 5 today. This patch addresses several bugs and improves the graphics fidelity.

You can read a list of the patch notes below:

  • Fixed some typos and applied corrections to certain texts.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred under certain conditions on the map when controlling a character.
  • Fixed an issue where certain abilities by Red XIII could be easily canceled during battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused enemies to abruptly stop under certain conditions during battles.
  • Fixed a progress bug that occurred under certain conditions during quests.
  • Improved framerate and overall game stability.
  • Added Sharp and Soft options to the Performance Mode settings.
  • Improved graphics quality.
  • The Reversed camera setting is now reflected when riding a sky chocobo in the Cosmo Canyon region, as well as the Pirate’s Rampage minigame in Costa del Sol.
  • Enhanced guidance support while climbing the ivy at the Mythril Mines.
  • Added difficulty settings to the customization screens for Fort Condor and Gears and Gambits mini-games.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake Project. The game takes place shortly after the ending of the first game, focusing on what the group does after leaving Midgar. The freedom to explore the vast world is a huge selling point.

The action reimagination of the classic RPG also takes the story beats to a different level. As we see the world amplified and with new twists, it’s sure to surprise even veterans.

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