Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will Include more Fan-Favorite Characters

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

Zack, who was originally absent in the original title, is well on his way to debut in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. But Director Naoki Hamaguchi said that there would be more spin-off characters to make their appearances in-game.

Via an interview with Techraptor during the recently-held New York Comic Con, Hamaguchi spilled something interesting that should keep diehard Final Fantasy VII fans crazy with the trilogy even more.

According to Hamaguchi, Zack will not be the only spin-off character who will be showing up in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

More specifically, he stated:

Without again providing any major spoilers, besides Zack, who was not in the original Final Fantasy VII but will be making an appearance here, there’s going to be other characters from FFVII spinoffs that will be appearing in Rebirth as well.

For fans, that is certainly news worth getting excited for. This is largely because FFVII has expanded significantly throughout the years, with spin-off after spin-off releasing on various platforms. In the process, it subsequently introduces many new characters, some of whom not many know about.

Will we see other Turk members, like Cissnei or their relatively obscure former leader Verdot, or his daughter Elfe from Before Crisis? How about the high-class SOLDIERS Angeal and Genesis? Yet, equally as interesting, how about those that came from the novel “The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story,” Evan Townshend, Kyrie, and Leslie?

With many not appearing in the original, how those spin-off personas will tie in with the original presents an endless possibility that can only be implemented by the creative minds behind the Final Fantasy VII Remake trilogy.