Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Require Roughly 150 GB Of Storage Space on PS5

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth PS5

If the amount of storage space a game takes to be played is a reference to its sheer scale, then Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is considered massive. The second installment in the Remake trilogy is a game that far exceeds the previous, which, per trusted PSN trawler PlayStation Game Size, sits at 145.25 GB.

The source was the same individual who shed light on the file size of Final Fantasy VII Intergrade. Without the Day One patch, the game was reported to be 81.338 GB on the PS5 and 85.965 GB on the PS4.

Like the title that preceded it, pre-loading of Rebirth starts two days ahead of the gameโ€™s official launch. Considering the latterโ€™s release window of February 29, 2024, fans will be able to start pre-loading the game on February 27.