Final Fantasy XIV’s Patch 6.55 Adds in New Furniture; Here’s How To Craft Them

Final Fantasy XIV recently got updated to the new Patch 6.55. And while that patch introduced a brand-new story and a new Manderville questline, there was one thing of the patch notes that immediately caught my interest, and that is that new crafting recipes were added to the mix.

As someone who loves crafting in the game, I thought of writing a quick comprehensive guide on where you can craft these yourself if you have the required crafter classes and gatherers.

So without further ado, here’s a list of the new recipes that you can craft in Final Fantasy XIV. One thing to note is that while all of these items can be bought from the Market Board, tou do need the Endwalker expansion purchased and cleared in order to craft these. So without further ado…

Imitation Magitek Repair Station (Floor & Wall Unit)

Class Required: Armorer (LV 90) / Craftsmanship Recommended: 2805

  • Ice Crystals x 32
  • Earth Crystals x 32
  • Chondrite Ingot x 10
  • Manganese Ingot x 3
  • Garlean Steel Joint x 4
  • Garlean Steel Plate x 4

The first item on our list is the Imitation Magitek Repair Station, which is divided into both a floor unit and a wall unit. Both of them require the same materials, even down to their amounts.

Chondrite Ingot can be crafted using Chondrite, which can be collected from the Ultima Thule Mining spot located near the Abode of the Ea. The Manganese Ingot however, requires two materials, the first being Dimythrite Ore and Tin Ore, which are found at separate locations.

The real challenge though comes from the Garlean Steel Joint and Garlean Steel Plate, as these are dropped from various enemies located around Garlemald. Unlike some of the monster items, these cannot be obtained from vendors or from Retainer ventures, which makes them the hardest material to obtain from this list.

Labyrinthos Grape Lamppost

Class Required: Alchemist (LV 90) / Craftsmanship Recommended: 2805

  • Berkanan Sap x 5
  • Shroud Seedling x 2
  • Growth Formula Kappa x 2
  • Glade Pendant Lamp x 1

This lamppost seriously makes me laugh more than it should, mostly because of its description. The first item, Berkanan Sap, can be obtained from the Berkanap monster located around in Labyrinthos, and you can also pay 1 venture to your Retainer, provided they are a combat class and over LV 80. As for Shroud Seedling, you can find it near the Hawthrone Hut as illustrated below by the map:

The same can apply to the Growth Formula Kappa, which requires two monster items to be crafted: the Hoptrap Leaf and the Vampire Vine Sap, both of which can be obtained from a Hunting expedition with your retainer. Lastly, for the Glade Pendant Lamp, that can be bought for 3000 gil from the Housing Merchant or from the Manservant inside your own home. The location of that NPC varies depending on what housing district you live in, but they’re typically very easy to find.

Korpokkur Moss Ball

Class Required: Alchemist (LV 90) / Craftsmanship Recommended: 2805

  • Shroud Seedling x 2
  • Growth Forumla Kappa x 2
  • Ambrosial Water x 2
  • Potter’s Clay x 1

Next up, we have the Korpokkur Moss Ball, which is an interior item. To craft this cute little ball, you’ll need 2 Shroud Seedlings, which can be harvested with the Botanist class near The Hawthrone Hut. Similar to the lamppost, this item also requires 2 Growth Formula Kappa.

Ambrosial Water can be found in Elpis’s Northerly Zempus, which is located to the right of the Poiten Oikos Aetheryte. And lastly, Potter’s Clay can be mined from E-Tatt’s Spire, right outside Old Gridania.

Nursery Canopy

Class Required: Weaver (LV 90) / Craftsmanship Recommended: 2805

  • Scarlet Moko Cloth x 6
  • Deepgold Ingot x 4
  • Almasty Fur x 4

And lastly, we have the Nursery Canopy, which is an interior item. This one is really easy. First, we need 6 Scarlet Moko Cloth. Scarlet Moko can be found near the Anagnoiris Aetheryte. Next up, the Deepgold Ingot requires Truegold Ore, which is found by mining in Il Mheg, near The Bookman’s Shelves.

Lastly, there are three methods to obtain Almasty Fur, the first being the Almasty enemy that spawns around Garlemald. However, you can obtain that fur from the Bicolor Gemstones vendor located around Camp Broken Glass in Garlemald, or ask your retainer to hunt it for you for 1 venture, if they’re a LV 82 Disciple of War class.