Final Fantasy XVI ‘The Rising Tide’ DLC Comes To PS5 Mid-April

Square Enix has just announced the release date for “The Rising Tide” downloadable content that will be coming to Final Fantasy XVI.

The DLC will release on April 18th for $19.99 if purchased individually, or already available for owners of the Final Fantasy XVI Expansion Pass, which costs $24.99 and includes both this expansion and the Echoes of the Fallen DLC released a few months prior.

In The Rising Tide, Clive receives a letter containing a request most curious: the Dominant of Leviathan, long lost Eikon of Water, is in need of rescue. And to do this, he must journey to Mysidia, a hidden land under a blue sky, where they will uncover the tragic history of a forgotten people.

In addition to the level cap being raised to level 60 in Story Focused Mode and Action Focused Mode or level 110 in Final Fantasy Mode (New Game+), during Clive’s journey in Mysidia, he will obtain new Eikonic Abilities of Leviathan the Lost.

Furthermore, a challenging new mode called Kairos Gate is unlocked after completing both The Rising Tide and main game scenarios. Players can plumb the depths of a virtual underworld, vanquishing wave after wave of internal foes. Only with both strength and strategy will Clive survive the Kairos Gate and emerge with its richest spoils.

And that’s not all! The developers have also announced that on the same day of the DLC’s release, a free update, Version 1.30, will be released for Final Fantasy XVI.

Among the changes reported include a Quick Complete function that allows players to quickly return to a quest giver, a new Skill Set feature that allows players to save up to five unique Feat and Ability sets, and approximately 40 new Orchestrion Rolls.

You can watch the second DLC’s trailer below: