Front Mission 1st: Remake Adds Multiplayer and New Scenarios in Free 2024 Update

Forever Entertainment has announced a free update for Front Mission 1st: Remake. The strategy RPG remake will add multiplayer, new campaign scenarios and other content in 2024.

Front Mission is a classic tactical RPG originally developed by G-Craft and Squaresoft (now Square Enix). Players get to control customizable mechs in battles.

The game takes players during a major conflict between the OCU and the USN. As a mercenary who disbanded from the OCU after a mission leads to the destruction of his fiancée’s robot.

The new update titled “Mercenaries” will add the following new features:

  • A local multiplayer mode for two players to compete against each other on brand-new maps;
  • New singleplayer scenarios offering new challenges, special terrain tiles, and narrative elements;
  • New playable characters, including a commander who introduces the new update.

A new Mercenaries Update trailer shows some of those additions:

Front Mission 1st: Remake is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.