Frostpunk 2 Gets New Gameplay Trailer

11 bit studios has shared a new trailer for Frostpunk 2. It shows a little of the gameplay in the strategy game.

30 years after the blizzard of the first game, the harsh wintry climate of neverending snow is still a big menace. Facing it is a major difficulty for society in general.

As a leader, you must build and manage a city. Survival means resource demands, forcing players to calculate expansions and deal with internal conflicts.

As the “Steward,” you have to guide the city, mediate the Council debates, and navigate through different factions. Impactful decisions are par for the course in the experience.

Check out the new trailer:

Frostpunk 2 doesn’t have a specific date announced for its PlayStation 5 edition yet. It’ll come out first on PC during the first half of 2024.