Genshin Impact is now on version 4.1, requires 27Gb of additional storage space

Genshin Impact 4.1

The latest major update to HoYoverse’s beloved title is finally here, putting Genshin Impact to a stable and feature-rich version 4.1. The update is available across all platforms, but PlayStation 5 users should anticipate spending 27Gb of storage space for the download.

As players update to version 4.1, the game opens up bigger and more expansive than ever. This is true as the northern parts of Fontaine finally become accessible to players. Within Fontaine, players can explore the Fortress of Meropide, which is a mysterious underwater locale known for housing exiles and many secrets.

When players choose to explore the new domain, new quests will open, such as the Archon Quest. In it, players must find an NPC named Childe. Later on, players will also get to come across Allogravity-Condensed Water Bodies and remains of a dangerous experiment aimed at fighting a prophesied flood.

Updating to version 4.1 would also open the initial wave of Wish banners in the game. For instance, there is Fontaine’s Chief Justice, Neuvilette, who dishes out powerful Hydro damage that he charges for stronger attacks. Alongside him is also the re-run banner Wangsheng Funeral Parlor director Hu Tao.

For the second half of 4.1, there is also the Administrator of the Fortress of Meropide, Wriothesley, who is an expert in melee combat and deals with Cryo damage, coinciding with re-run banner Venti.

Daily Commissions is also seeing a revamp in the new update. Players can now use Encounter Points for claiming commission rewards instead of just traditionally completing them. Players get Encounter Points in multiple ways, such as accessing new places and opening chests.

In addition to the aforementioned, there is also a laundry list of bug fixes in version 4.1 that makes Genshin Impact more stable for players.