Genshin Impact Version 4.6 Update Coming April 24, 2024; New Features and Undersea Area

During the Genshin Impact Special Program, HoYoverse announced the latest details regarding their Genshin Impact game. Version 4.6, Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades, will be releasing on April 24, 2024 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

In this update, the fourth Fatui Harbinger, Arlecchino, will join the Traveler as both an ally…and a Weekly Boss. A brand-new explorable area with a long-lost underwater empire will also finally be revealing itself in Fontaine. And lastly, a music festival and a new rhythm game event hosted by Arataki Itto will be held in Inazuma. So let’s go through the version update in order.

Genshin Impact – Version 4.6 New Characters & Wish Banners

First, the new character that will join players in their journey: Arlecchino. Lnown as the “Knave” and Fourth of the Fatui Harbingers, she will join the roster as a 5-star Pyro polearm wielder and a new Weekly Boss. As a teammate, Arlecchino’s combat skills are centered around Bond of Life, a debuff that prevents HP from being healed, but Arlecchino turns that debuff into a powerful buff towards herself.

When Arlecchino’s Elemental Skill strikes opponents, they’re afflicted with a Blood-Debt Directive for a limited time. If her Charged Attack or Elemental Burst hits an opponent afflicted by it, she absorbs those directives and obtains a Bond of Life, which prevents her HP from being healed. While her Bond of Life is above a certain percentage of her HP, all of her attacks are converted into non-overridable Pyro damage.

Arlecchino will be coming in the first phase of Wish banners, alongside a rerun for Lyney. Meanwhile, the second wave of Wish banners will feature reruns for Wanderer and Baizhu. The Weapon banner will also feature their signature weapons, and will be updated accordingly.

New Features Coming in Version 4.6

In Version 4.6, a new feature known as the Focused Experience mode will be added. This will effectively allow players to continue on with their current quest line without being interrupted by the dreaded “this location/character is busy completing another quest”, which has long since been a recurring issue in Genshin Impact.

Furthermore, the Treasure Compass item will now show the general location of the chest on both the minimap and the bigger map, showing even if the chest you’re looking for is under or aboveground. Finding the chest will also reset the compass’s cooldown, so you can immediately use it afterwards.

For players who wish to obtain Arlecchino, but haven’t caught up with the story, no need to worry, as you’ll now be able to challenge Weekly Bosses directly from the Adventurer’s Handbook, so long as you are Adventurer Rank 40 or higher, via the Quick Challenge feature. This will allow players to quickly get the necessary materials without the need to worry about catching up with the story quests.

New Area Showcase: The Undersea Capital

Deep in the Sea of Bygone Eras lies the remains of Remuria, an empire whose heyday and subsequent destruction predates the birth of the Court of Fontaine. Learning its Symphony will be key to reactivating certain mechanics and millennia-old devices. As the adventure goes on, players may even meet a certain special dragon, as well as confront the new Legatus Golem boss enemy.

Furthermore, two new artifact sets will be introduced with the new area: The Fragment of Harmonic Whimsy and the Unfinished Reverie. More information about the set effects will be revealed at a later date.

Genshin Impact’s Version 4.6 will be arriving on April 24, 2024 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. You can view the trailer for the Version Update below: