Get three of the best Persona games with The Persona Collection bundle

The Persona Collection

The PlayStation Network (PSN) is offering not just one, not two, but three of the best entries in the Persona franchise, with The Persona Collection, and you can buy them all as a single package. For $89.99 / £72.99, you can now get Persona 3 Portable, Persona 4 Golden, and Persona 5 Royal as a digital bundle.

The promo is certainly more appealing than having to pay a higher fee than buying the three games separately. However, it is also worth noting that there is a different promo bundle for Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden, which appears to be 35% off its usual pricing at $25.66 / £21.44.

That bundle, even when paired with Persona 5 Royal at its regular price tag of $59.99 / £49.99, offers buyers to get the three games for less than the asking price of The Persona Collection. Outside of this limited promo, however, The Personal Collection remains a noteworthy purchase for those who are new to the franchise and looking to try out Persona at its best presentations, so far.

Trio of Goodness

Persona 3 Portable, which is the PlayStation Portable ported version of Persona 3, brings a new female character into the game that was not in the original. This version is not necessarily superior to the more refined version of the title, Persona 3 FES, on the PlayStation 2. But its additional content makes it a more compelling option for many. Newcomers may want to hold off playing this title and wait for the launch of the upcoming remake, though.

Persona 4 Golden, too, is a more polished version of the original Persona 4. It was released initially as an exclusive title to the PlayStation Vita before making its way to other platforms. Like P3P, P4G added more content to the original, making it the better choice for players looking to get the most out of the title.

Likewise, Persona 5 Royal also improves upon the hit original PlayStation 4 title, Persona 5, with an additional playable character, new gameplay element, as well as content.