Getting Platinum Trophy for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be “quite challenging” director confirms

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Platinum Trophy

Players who have a penchant for getting Platinum Trophies with their game might find themselves in for a challenge over the same in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. That’s according to game director Naoki Hamaguchi, following an interview with game outlet Kakuchopueri.

Getting Platinum Trophies, in general, is never an easy feat to begin with. Oftentimes, they take time and dedication (and sometimes, overcoming frustration) to fulfill. But while that logic is truer still to some games than others, Hamaguchi appears to imply the idea relative to Final Fantasy VII Remake. In other words, getting a Platinum Trophy in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth would be more challenging than it did with Remake.

Obtaining the platinum trophy in this game is quite challenging, and it’s by design. We’ve put significant emphasis on storytelling and world map exploration, exceeding the game’s volume compared to the previous version. To achieve the platinum trophy, thorough and comprehensive gameplay is necessary. This means not only mastering the trophies but also embracing the broader elements of the game.

Onward into the interview, Hamaguchi disclosed more about FFVII Rebirth concerning its gameplay. In particular, the replay feature that enables the player to re-experience every chapter anew post-game. That is, by giving the player the freedom to “select the state of [their] quests, resetting cleared quests, or making past quests available again”.

With “control and flexibility” on quest playability, players can “choose which quest situations they want to revisit, whether to return to quests they’ve completed or even reset quests altogether”.