Gift Gets New Screenshots Explaining the Game Systems

Publisher Bushiroad has shared a few screenshots for their upcoming action adventure game Gift. They show a few bits of how the PS5 title works.

In Gift, players must look for a way out of a sinking luxury cruise ship. The circumstances lead to tilted areas, raising water tides, and other gimmicks.

The first screenshot reveals a general structure for the ship’s layout in its map. Players may find different escape routes depending on their exploration choices.

However, going through some areas demands surpassing environmental puzzles. Blocked paths may be overcome through finding out the necessary actions to proceed.

The water levels will rise over time, but there’ll also be other menaces, such as insane passengers and strange creatures.

Finally, you may find some passengers stuck in the cruise. Help them out and you may uncover significant events.

You can also check out an old trailer that shows the game in action:

Gift is coming to PlayStation 5 on May 9, 2024.