God of War Ragnarok leak hints at an upcoming DLC

God of War Ragnarok

The latest installment to the beloved God of War franchise was released to massive acclaim, and fans seem to not get enough of it. Rumors had been circulating about God of War Ragnarok’s expansion since March this year, following a tease by Tyr voice actor Ben Prendergast about making a re-appearance for his character. And now, a different insider is claiming that there is indeed more in store for the flagship title.

In August, a word about the DLC started fueling the speculation that Ragnarok will be in for an expansion. Though not the first, it came when leaker, The Snitch, unveiled that it’s already in the works and is already 60 percent complete. However, many were doubtful about the announcement. Now, for the third time, another insider is corroborating the claim—the reputable movie leaker, ViewerAnon.


In a thread on X (formerly Twitter) where IGN was discussing the role of “half-sequels” in future AAA titles, ViewerAnon related the same with God of War Ragnarok. That is, stating that Santa Monica Studio is “working on new GOD OF WAR stuff” but wonders whether it would be a “DLC or half-sequel”.

As of writing, there have been already a few instances that insinuate the possibility of a God of War Ragnarok DLC. But until concrete proof is provided to add to the claim, it pays to take these discussions with a grain of salt.