Gran Turismo Sport Suddenly Removed from PS Store

In a surprising move, Polyphony Digital’s popular racing game, Gran Turismo Sport, has been delisted from the Playstation Store without any prior notice. Fans are left questioning whether this means the game will no longer support local saves or if it will completely shut down its cloud functionality.

The sudden removal is causing disappointment among players who have praised the game’s streamlined experience and the recent Spec2 update. Many saw Gran Turismo Sport as a refreshing alternative to the clutter of other racing games, such as GT7. With no official statement from Polyphony Digital or Sony, players are left wondering what led to this decision and if it will be reversed in the future.

Despite this setback, dedicated fans of the series are still able to access GT Sport through physical copies or previous digital purchases. However, the game’s removal from the PS Store raises concerns about the future of the title and its support from the developers. Not only that, but one has to wonder if this is what awaits us in an all-digital future that current console manufacturers are trying to push—worrying times.

Stay tuned for updates on this surprising turn of events for Gran Turismo Sport.