Granblue Fantasy: Relink Collector’s Edition Is Back in Stock at Amazon and Gamestop

Granblue Fantasy Relink Collector's Edition

Granblue Fantasy: Relink was released this week to massive acclaim. And if you are among those who missed out on the game’s Collector Edition, you are not alone. The premium package sold out while failing to cater to everyone’s demand. Fortunately, it is back in stock at Amazon and GameStop for everyone to order online.

For $180, it is not that hard to imagine what made Granblue Fantasy: Relink such a highly sought-after product. Not only does the package contain the highly-anticipated action-role playing title, but also inclusions that certainly make the purchase memorable and worth the cost.

The tangible items that came bundled with the CE include the Proto Bahamut Statue Figure, False Sword of the Apocalypse Weapon, Soundtrack CD, Artbook, Color Packs, Sword of Eos Metal Charm, and Postcard Set.

Do note that while the Collector’s Edition is available at GameStop at its retail price, opting to buy the same on Amazon could cost you $400.

Meanwhile, those looking to forego some of the fancy elements of the Collector’s Edition for almost half its price can instead opt for the Deluxe Edition for $100. In addition to the physical copy of the base game, this bundle includes a tangible art book, a set of postcards, and a soundtrack CD.