Granblue Fantasy: Relink Showcases Eugen, Ferry and Djeeta in New Trailers

Sega Asia published new trailers for Granblue Fantasy: Relink. These videos highlight the playable characters Eugen, Ferry and Djeeta, and another one is a more general launch trailer.

Relink is a PS4 and PS5 title based on Cygames’ popular franchise that started as a mobile RPG. Platinum Games was in charge of development until 2019, when their contract ended and Cygames assumed the rest of production.

Eugen is a veteran skyfarer. With his rifle and skills, he has a long reach, making him ideal to snipe foes from a safe place. His voice actors are Kazuhiro Yamaji and Richard Epcar.

Djeeta is the female counterpart to Gran. As a protagonist, she also excels at close-range combat and has other tricks at her disposal. Her voice actors are Hisako Kanemoto and Erika Harlacher.

Finally, Ferry is an Eurune girl who fights alongside her pets. She uses a whip and various support skills. Her voice actresses are Madoka Yonezawa and Cristina “Vee” Valenzuela.

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Besides the character trailer, Cygames has also shared a launch trailer ahead of the game’s release date on February 1, 2024: