Grand Theft Auto 6 Trailer Information

Looks like we’re heading to Florida people. The trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6 has been hugely anticipated for coming up to a decade now, and the trailer has now dropped world wide (earlier than previously stated) with a release date of 2025 and a fantastic soundtrack provided by Tom Petty and his song Love is a a Long Road. Below is some of the things we now know about GTA 6. 

Vice City

This new outing by Rockstar will be set in Vice City, the Grand Theft Auto universes version of Miami Florida, with this fictional state taking the name Leonidas. From the trailer there are beaches, sprawling cities, forests and swampy bayous. A clip in the trailer that appears to be showing off some in game social media calls one of the neighbourhoods “Hamlet”. 

Being set in a fictional version of Florida also gives the potential for wildlife encounters, the trailer shows alligators, flamingos, geese, some other flying creatures and there are sure to be other conventional wildlife like dogs, cats, deer and the possibility for the sharks encountered as boundary guards in GTA 5 to make more regular appearances. 

The trailer showed a snippet of the returning GTA 4 show ‘Weazel News’ with a headline “Leonida Man sucked up in waterspout demands city buy him a new suit” an obvious parallel to the meme of “Florida Man”.

This will also be the first appearance of Vice City since GTA: Vice City all the way back in October 2002.

The Story

Like GTA 5, GTA 6 is going to have multiple protagonists a woman called Lucia with the male character still unnamed, from previous leaks in 2022 it is though his name is either James or Jason. 

Lucia is first scene being spoken to by what could be a probation officer or a prisons councillor about why she is incarcerated. We can speculate that the game will have you start out being released from prison with nothing like every great RPG to build yourself back up into the world. There is seemingly a relationship between the two main characters but whether that begins during the game or was already there is unknown. 


With all of these games the ‘Auto’ part is a huge feature in the game, GTA 5’s car customisation and use is arguably the best outside of true racing games like Forza or Gran Turismo, the trailer shows that this will still be the case in GTA 6. 

The trailer shows helicopters, planes, speedboats, yachts, the return of the Cheetah from GTA Vice City, lowriders with hydraulics, drift cars, muscle cars, pick ups, monster trucks and a whole heap more. There are seemingly going to be dirt bike races, street races, car meet ups as well as monster truck derbies out in the swamps that will be called “Thrillbilly Mud Club”.

The World

Clips from the trailer show that this is going to be the most dynamic world created so far in Rockstars history, and with how incredible Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA 5 is at doing this is a huge prospect. 

The level of people featured in a single location at the beach if representative of what the finished product will be like is going to be huge and something to a scale not seen in a game like this before.

A chunk of the trailer shows clips of the game world being told through an in-game social media platform which shows yacht parties, rooftop parties, the Vice City club scenes, the Vice City strip club scene and strange interactions typical of GTA games with the locals of Leonidas. 

All clips showing people in the game seemingly shows that this will be the most-free flowing and natural game so far, with the world being alive around you and not pre-planned. 

Other Features

As mentioned before there are nightclubs in the game as well as what looks like store robberies and a lot of features previously only seen in GTA Online. This confirms theories that GTA Online was being used as “beta testing” almost for numerous features and ideas for this new game. 

Keep checking back here for more details about GTA 6 as they are sure to come in over the next coming months and let us know down below if there was anything you guys spotted in the trailer that we missed and what you are most excited for in this new game.