Guilty Gear -Strive- Releases New Character Trailer For Slayer

Arc System Works recently released a brand-new trailer for their Guilty Gear -Strive- fighting game. The new trailer focuses on Slayer, the fourth and final playabale character of the third Season Pass DLC for the game.

He will be coming May 30, 2024 as an individual purchase ($6.99) or for Season Pass ($24.99) owners. A gameplay trailer showing gameplay, combos and new theme song for the character was also posted.

Slayer first debuted in Guilty Gear XX. He is the founder of the Assassin’s Guild, and a gentlemanly descendent of vampiric lineage, who enjoys genuine combat and haiku as hobbies. Due to his lifespan as a vampire, all events in human society feel trivial to him.

Alongside Slayer, the new stage “Amber Fest with Kind Neighbors” will release on the same day.

You can watch Slayer’s official trailer below: