Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, “A Series Of Other Things” Are Next in Line From Warner Bros.

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. Games has certainly struck gold with Hogwarts Legacy, especially with the recent report that it reached another milestone with 22 million units sold to date. For a game company that’s not a stranger to the age-old adage “strike while the iron is hot,” WB is set to capitalize on the success of its venture in the franchise with another Harry Potter-based title—and “a series of other things”—set in the pipeline.

It has already been revealed in April last year that Warner Bros. is already working on its next title based on the magical world of Harry Potter. More specifically, the Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, which as its name implies, will be centered around the fictitious sport by witches and wizards. The game is already in its beta phase as of writing.

During an interview with Variety, David Haddad, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment president, said that they currently do not have any particulars concerning the how and when of Quidditch Champions’ commercialization. However, the exec promised that the studio would be working to design the game in a manner that would delight the fans.

As for that “series of other things,” it seems to refer to the matters that Warner Bros. has yet to announce. But it comes with a notion that it “will let the fans be part of this world and stories and characters in deeper and deeper ways,” according to Haddad.