Helldivers II Players Are Refusing To Log Out Amid Server Issue

Helldivers II Players

At a time when Helldivers II’s server is at full capacity, many are choosing not to log their account to maintain their placement in it. Subsequently, it prevents others from logging theirs and joining the game.

Helldivers II made history last weekend when it broke not just one, but multiple records based on the overall number of concurrent players. However, this level of success has also generated an issue for a significant portion of the player base. Not everyone, as it seems, could be accommodated to play the game.

With Arrowhead Game Studios forced to cap the number of concurrent players to just 450,000 temporarily, it’s clear that the game’s server was taking in more than it could handle. Or at the very least, the server is seeing an overwhelming deluge of players wanting to play the game.

Consequently, players are in an uproar, asking the developers to implement an auto-kick feature for those who are logged into the server but are essentially away from the keyboard (AFK).

The commotion comes as some players admit that they leave the game on all day. In theory, this prevents others from getting into the game as they occupy a slot in it, regardless of their activity (or lack thereof). One user confessed to not logging out on purpose so they could play the game at any time. Another chose to remain logged in before going to work, so they could play when they got home.

Taking to X/Twitter, one user said that the issue of people refusing to log out is “ruining it for others” and “making the issue worse”.

Arrowhead boss Johan Pilestedt, meanwhile, after having been contacted directly with the issue, said that the team is working on a fix.