Helldivers II To Start Getting Updates, Addressing Its “Most Serious Problems”

Helldivers II Updates

Helldivers II may be a classic definition of a victim of its success (sort of), following an overflow of player base that it struggles to cater to. But Arrowhead Game Studios is not having it as updates are soon coming to PS5 and PC, aimed at quashing the game’s “most serious” bugs (no pun intended).

More specifically, the developers will start rolling out updates aimed at addressing issues concerning logins, matchmaking, and server load. The initial of these updates will arrive as early as February 20. However, Arrowhead is reminding the player base that “no single update will solve all the issues”.

Spreading the awareness, Arrowhead took to Discord to announce its plans for “continuous improvements over the days and weeks to come”. That is, intending to ensure a “smooth experience for all players”.

We have improvements rolling out this week focused on the most serious problems in the game: login, matchmaking, and server load. You will see one update for PC and PS5 tomorrow, though please keep in mind that no single update will solve all the issues. Rather, we will be making continuous improvements over the days and weeks to come.