Honkai: Star Rail is coming to PS5 on October 10

Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail is headed to console as the game enters a new platform with the PlayStation 5 on October 10. Making the announcement is Hoyoverse’s Technical Lead Yang Yu, via the PlayStation Blog.

An already stunning game on mobile, Honkai: Star Rail’s beauty is amplified by the PlayStation 5’s more capable graphics processing prowess in a 4K display. Not only does the game look more stunning in a bigger display, but it also performs significantly better, too, as it leverages the console’s vastly more powerful processor and faster SSD.

Akin to the mobile version, the journey with Honkai: Star Rail on console starts at the futuristic Herta Space Station. Built and owned by Genius Society’s Madam Herta, the space station has seen its transition from being a place that collects valuable items known as “Curios” to becoming a research center run by her followers.

Across the wider expanse

Outside of the space station, players will venture into the icy planet Jarilo-VI whose yet unforgiving environment has managed to keep the city of Belobog standing. The city itself is divided into two parts, separating the peaceful and life-sustaining region of the Overworld and, in contrast, the barren Underworld. However, part of the player’s experience in the game will be spent resolving the conflict between the two regions.

Leaving Belobog, players will soon venture into the Xianzhou Alliance’s galactic fleet’s flagship vessel, Luofu. Here, the players will be able to meet three of the HSR’s three species—Foxians, Vidyadhara, and the native Xianzhou. But while the three species share a harmonious relationship that keeps the silkpunk vessel alive and running, an overarching issue on immortality is leading to a Sterllaron crisis.

As the latest update, “Jolted Awake From a Winter Dream,” arrives, new content also comes. From new locations such as the Pillars of Creation and Old Weapons Testing Ground to mini-game Aetherium Wars and Planar Infinity event, is enriched with something to discover and do.

As players journey across Jarilo-VI and Luofu, they will encounter unique and interesting characters who will help them in their adventure. Four new individuals, specifically, making their way into the picture—Numby, Topaz, Guinaifen, and Jiungliu. And for those who missed Seele, she will become recruitable again.