Honkai Star Rail Version 2.0 “If One Dreams at Midnight” Arriving on PS5 February 6

HoYoverse today announced during the Special Program that Honkai: Star Rail‘s first ever major update, Version 2.0 “If One Dreams At Midnight”, will arrive on February 6, 2024 on PlayStation 5.

In this update, players will visit a brand-new planet, Penacony, after receiving an invitation from The Family to appear as honored guests for a grand event called the Charmony Festival.

At the center of Penacony lies a gigantic interstellar hotel named The Reverie, attracting countless interstellar celebrities seeking a lavish luxurious retreat after its remarkable transformation centuries ago that turned the planet into a renowned cosmic vacation spot.

New characters will also be joining the Trailblazer in their journey. The first of them is the highly anticipated mysterious lady, Black Swan, who will make a dazzling debut in the story of Penacony. She is a Wind-type character who follows the path of Nihility.

When Black Swan uses Basic ATKs or Skills to attack enemies in combat, there is a certain probability of applying a special stackable damage-over-time effect called Arcana to the enemies. Under the Arcana state, Black Swan can trigger additional effects based on the number of Arcana stacks the target is under.

The second character is Sparkle, is also set to join the Trailblazers’ team. Sparkle excels at changing identities and indulges in playing various roles. Rules are meant to the broken, so Sparkle can provide an additional increase to the team’s maximum Skill Points.

Moreover, her unique Skill not only boosts the Critical Damage of a designated teammate but also advances that teammate’s Action. After Sparkle unleashes her Ultimate, she can restore multiple Skill Points for the team in one go. The addition of Sparkle to the team not only broke the limitation of the team’s Skill Point, it also allows the team to deal more damage.

Finally, we have Misha, 4-star character who works as the doorman at The Reverie hotel. In combat, the more Skill Points the team uses in battle, the more DMG Misha’s Ultimate will inflict. Additionally, when Misha uses his Ultimate, there is a chance to Freeze the target.

Lastly, a series of system optimizations will be introduced in Version 2.0. Firstly, a new feature called Fate’s Atlas is able to document the events and plot lines that occur in each world in chronological order, helping players better organize the narrative context of each world.

In addition, the enhancement process for Relics has been thoroughly optimized. Players can now conveniently insert materials while upgrading and easily elevate each Relic to the specified level. Finally, the marking, discarding, and salvaging of Relics are optimized to make it easier to find materials efficiently, and to improve the players’ gaming experience.

You can view the Version 2.0 special program livestream below: