Honkai: Star Rail’s first major PS5 update comes with a spooky twist

Honkai Star Rail Update

It’s been only a few weeks since Honkai: Star Rail made its way to the PlayStation 5. And now, the game is about to get its first major update with version 1.5 already on the horizon. But thanks to the recently closed livestream by HoYoverse, we now have an idea of what is to come with the game, including content that seems a little too late for Halloween for its theme: the Crepuscule Zone update.

When the latest patch arrives on December 15, 2023, a new location will open in Xianzhou Luofo called the Fyxestroll Garden. Interestingly, this is no ordinary garden as it is a place for the paranormal. To address the peril that arises from the garden, the player will have to build a formidable team. Luckily, the player will have a healer who could become a part of the group, Huohuo.

In addition to Huohuo, which will become available via a limited-time banner, there is also another character Hanya. Per the press release, Hanya is described as the following:

“Hanya is a Physical-Type character following the Path of Harmony. Aside from dealing physical damage to a single target during battles, Hanya’s Skill can also afflict the target with a Burden state. When an ally executes a set amount of attacks on an enemy marked with Burden, they will not only deal increased damage to that enemy but also regain a Skill Point.”

However, there is also another character to coincides with the previous two in the persona of Argenti. A Physical five-star who adheres to the path of Erudition, he is as powerful as the amount of energy he deploys with his Ultimate. Huohuo, therefore, makes a perfect complement given her unique energy-restoring Ultimate.

Lastly, there are also a variety of new Relics that make the game more exciting through the diversification options they offer to the players.