Hunter X Hunter: Nen X Impact Comes West Through Arc System

Arc System revealed that they’re the the international publisher for Hunter x Hunter: Nen x Impact. The fighting game will be available in English on PlayStation 5 in 2024.

Nen x Impact is a new 2D fighting game by developer Eighting. Players will pick a 3-character team and duke it out with another individually.

The company shared an introduction trailer showcasing characters and gameplay elements. The video shows that players can switch between teammates at any time and summon them for assists.

Only a single button is necessary to do rush combos, a way to alleviate the demand of complex inputs that are one of the barriers of fighting games. In a pinch, characters will grow stronger through Over Gear, making it possible to take revenge and turn the tides of battle.

Check out the video:

The company has also revealed a character trailer for Bisky, which will be one of the playable options in the game.