Hypergryph Unveils ‘Popucom’: A 3D Puzzle-Action Platformer with Puzzle Bobble Nuances for PS4 and PS5

Hypergryph, celebrated for their hit title Arknights, is back with a fresh gaming experience – Popucom. The announcement trailer offers a first look into the gameplay and vibrantly animated universe of this soon-to-launch multiplayer co-op puzzle adventure platformer.

Delving into a fantastical narrative set within a parallel universe, Popucom invites players on a co-adventurous journey, preferably alongside a buddy. As they immerse themselves in this picturesque world, players are handed the Rainbow Popper – a tool designed to shoot colored projectiles at the mischievous Pomus. Strategy comes into play as matching three Pomus of identical hues leads to their instant elimination. But the game isn’t just about color matching; precise jumps, timely color switches, and the activation of unique mechanisms are essential to progress through the levels. Popucom facilitates both local and online multiplayer co-op modes, accommodating up to four players.

Popucom is gearing up to make its grand debut on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.