Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Comes To PS4 and PS5 on March 21

Snowcastle Games has announced the release date for Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure. The adventure title is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 21, 2024.

The game is described as follows:

Welcome, adventurers! Explore our beautiful Ikonei Island, befriend magical creatures, and fight monsters with your friends or adventure solo. Gather resources, craft tools, and gear. Farm the land, build your base or a cozy home, and decorate it however you like. The Earthlock Adventure is waiting for you!

Befriend the Wildlife
After waking up on a mysterious island, you will meet mysterious statues and curious creatures. Bond with these creatures, and harness their unique and interesting abilities to explore deeper into Ikonei Island.

Grow More Powerful
Keep the monsters at bay, and create powerful weapons to help you navigate Ikonei island!

Play with Friends
Play co-op in teams of 2-4 PlayStation friends and elevate your fun on the island to the power of frog! Everything in the game – farming, building, battling, unlocking new areas, quests, etc. – can be done together.

Tend to Your Crops
Create and nurture your farm from scratch, using various tools and systems for increased efficiency and rewards.

Meet the Locals
Surely others must know about Ikonei Island, each with their own story to tell, and knowledge to impart.

Thwart the Greedy Pirates
A band of pirates have discovered the island, and have their own plans on how to make money off of it. Make sure they do not get their way!

Make the Island Your Own
Harvest materials using tools and creature abilities, and build workshops that can create and assemble resources. All these materials will come in handy to truly customize the island to your liking, and uncover its mysteries.

Check out the console trailer: