INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road Reveals Fifth Gameplay Trailer

Level-5 has recently published the fifth gameplay trailer for INAZUMA ELEVEN: Victory Road. The trailer showcases the various skills each of the playable characters have, as well as showing some of the in-game dialogue.

Inazuma Eleven is a multimedia franchise which has soccer RPGs as its game counterparts. The new game is the first to be available on PlayStation systems and features cross-save and cross-play with the Nintendo Switch.

Inazuma Eleven: Victory Road tells the story of Unmei Sasanami, a young man who wishes to leave the world of soccer behind. However, after meeting the “monster player” Haru Endo, and meeting new friends at Nagumohara Junior High, his passion for the sport comes back.

The soccer RPG features:

  • a Story Mode focused on Unmei’s tale;
  • a Chronicle Mode with over 4,500 playable characters, featuring pretty much all the options from previous games, except a few collabs;
  • multiple online PvP modes for casual and ranked matches.

Check out the new trailer featuring the theme song A Smile’s Our Goal! by T-Pistonz: