Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Documentary Videos Now Available on Youtube

Square Enix has shared four documentary videos for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Titled “Inside Final Fantasy VII Rebirth”, they explore various elements of the RPG that’s currently available exclusively on PlayStation 5.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is the second part of Final Fantasy VII’s remake, covering what the group does after leaving Midgar. The reimagination of events culminates in various differences to story beats and gameplay.

In the documentary, we get a closer look at what happened behind the scenes during the making of the game. The first video explores environment, art and music choices to shape the world of the game:

For the “Friends of Fate” video, they talk about recreating memorable scenes and script details. Some of the topics, include fleshing scenes out with voice acting, and breathing life into characters:

For episode three, they explore characters, combat choices and the difficulties of translating the game into multiple languages:

The final episode has the English voice actors talk about the experience: