Insomniac Games, General Mills teamed up for Spider-Man 2 Wheaties

Spider-Man 2 Wheaties

The developer behind the highly acclaimed Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games, and the company behind the Wheaties brand, General Mills, are partnering to bring Spidey fans a few themed cereals for their breakfast. Specifically, the two companies are selling a limited edition Spider-Man 2 Wheaties for $70 and $45.

Announcing the special product is the cereal company who posted about it on its official website on Thursday, just a day before Spider-Man 2’s commercial launch. Coming in two styles, the partnership product sees a box with a close-up view of half of the faces of Peter Parker and Miles Morales. Buying the two together, however, creates a full-faced Spider-Man, albeit with two different sides to it.

The $70 price tag might seem too hefty even for a product of its kind. But the two companies are justifying the promo for its limited availability and the stuff you get from it. In particular, it comes with an acrylic case and there were only 500 pieces of it available.

However, for those willing to forego the acrylic case, there is an alternative version. That is, the Spider-Man 2 Wheaties variant which does not with an acrylic case for a cheaper price of $45. Additionally, it is also more abundant in stocks, too, as there are 2000 of it available.

In addition to getting the special edition Wheaties product, there are also additional bonuses with the purchase.

One is the Spider-Man 2 prequel comic, which was originally published for Free Comic Book Day on May 6. It sees the two Spider-man fighting against the supervillain The Hood whose uncanny abilities match that of Miles and Peter.

Another inclusion is a PSN voucher code that gives buyers a digital collectible from the Spider-Man 2 Wheaties from the PlayStation Stars.

As of writing, the Spider-Man 2 Wheaties with the acrylic item is out of stock. However, the other variant remains available for purchase.