Joker Joins Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League As a Playable Character

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Joker

A new DC villain is joining the rank of anti-heroes in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League in the form of Batman’s main antagonist, Joker. Said Baddie will not only be joining the cast to add color to the game’s narrative but also as a playable character.

Rocksteady Studios announced the inclusion during the developing game’s third and final developer diary series where the studio laid out their plans for post-launch content ahead of the title’s release. Specifically, the roadmap for the Season One DLC, which is set for launch in March.

With the spotlight set around the clown prince of chaos himself, the DLC will include a new playable map inspired by Joker. In addition, other new content will also be introduced, such as new enemy variants, boss fights, and two new episodes, which include new missions, activities, and strongholds.

Displaying a strong commitment to its latest brainchild project, Rocksteady Studios has even announced three more seasons for Kill the Justice League. And like Season One, which has Joker as its theme, each successive season will introduce and revolve around a new character.

Fans of Batman who are up-to-speed with its lore would argue that Joker does not fit the game’s timeline, considering how it was set five years after Arkham Knight when Joker is already dead. However, Rocksteady is taking a multi-verse approach by pulling a Joker from a different dimension for Kill the Justice League.

Explaining the notion, Rocksteady Studio Director Darius Sadeghian said, “The original Arkhamverse Joker has been dead for five years, but this is a new Elseworlds twist on the villain”.