JRPG Veterans Are Teaming Up For an Ambitious JRPG “Lost Hellden”

Lost Hellden

Artisan Studios, known for Astria Ascending and Super Neptunia RPG, is working on an ambitious RPG titled Lost Hellden, teaming up with the likes of Takeshi Oga and Hitoshi Sakamoto.

Takeshi Oga, whose portfolio involves FFXIV, Gravity Rush, and Siren, will handle the game’s illustrations. Meanwhile, Hitoshi Sakamoto, whose portfolio involves Tactics Ogre, FFXII, and Valkyria Chronicles, will manage the game’s music and audio direction.

There is not much yet known about the game, except for a few things, such as the game’s art style, described as “Deep 2D”. For comparison, think of Romancing Saga -Minstrel Song- but with a more life-like representation of characters and level of details reminiscent of the animated TV series Arcane: League of Legends.

Gameplay-wise, the game is set in a turn-based style, which should appeal to lovers of traditional JRPG. However, the developer seems to describe the game’s combat mechanics as a “strategic action battle system”.

But as a JRPG where story and characters play major roles, the game is also promised to have a rich tale, deep characters, and customizations.

Lost Hellden has this for a synopsis:

Welcome to Era. Where every life comes with a price. Every Eran is bound to one of the Seven Sins before their first birthday. All their lives, people fight against their urges. A place in the Sacred Land of Hellden is promised to their immortal souls if they succeed. But if they fail and succumb to their sin. A fate worse than death awaits them…