KAMiBAKO: Mythology Of Cube Releases Late August 2024 in Japan

Publisher and developer Gravity Game Arise announced that their map-crafting puzzle battle RPG KAMiBAKO: Mythology of Cube will be releasing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on August 29, 2024, both digitally and as a physical PS5 version in Japan. A release date for the west will be revealed at a later date, according to the developer.

In KAMiBAKO: Mythology of the Cube, you must restore the fragmented world through puzzles, and rid the world of darkness by defeating monsters. All resources obtained through repairing the land can then be used to design the world to your liking.

As you move through the overworld, the land will materialize where you advance. What awaits in the untouched regions of the world? New encounters? Battles? Perhaps an instance of fragmentation? Find out for yourself by traveling to every corner of the land! A variety of monsters may appear in the land you explore. The game promises over 300 quests and a playtime of over 100 hours.

You can watch the promotional trailer below: