Kojima Thinks Adapting Death Stranding Into TV Series Easier Than a Movie

Death Stranding Hideo Kojima

Kojima’s lifelong dream of making a movie is slowly coming to fruition with his brainchild Death Stranding getting adapted for the silver screen. But according to the legendary game maker himself, turning the game into a TV series would be easier.

Kojima, citing a comparison, said “It’s easier to adapt it to a TV series, like The Last of Us”.

The difficulty, as it appears, lies in the game’s expansive scope. For a game that takes at least 50 hours to finish to be turned into a “two to three-hour” movie, the tasks can be perhaps Herculean, even for the likes of Kojima. He continued by saying—“The worldview won’t change, of course. But the story of the game as is won’t fit into just two hours. We’re still looking at how to approach it”.

The founder of Kojima Productions understands that adapting a game into a movie is not a simple feat. “In the past, film adaptations of video games always failed, you know,” he said.

However, that was Hideo Kojima speaking in a distant past. Inversely, he believes that the task seems to be more feasible nowadays, even trendy. “But in the last four to five years, people who understand games have taken on the task of adapting it into a film or drama. And several hits have been made, like The Super Mario Bros. Movie,” he stated.

Hopeful in the endeavor, Kojima believes in coming up with an award-winning film, based on his game. “With A24, I want to make something that’s based on a game, but also indie and artistic, something that can win awards at film festivals like Cannes, Venice or Sundance,” he said.