Konami Is Running a Poll To Name This Silent Hill: The Short Message Monster

Silent Hill The Short Message Monster

Silent Hill: The Short Message has a new monster, and Konami wants your opinion on what to name it. Running an official poll, the Silent Hill Official X/Twitter is asking respondents what to call said monster between four available options.

Visiting the tweet, participants can choose between Sakura Head, Sakura Body, Sakura Creature, and Cherry Blossom Monster. If unsure of what monster to be voting a name for, a follow-up tweet shows the monster in question.

Series monster and creature designer Masahiro Ito retweeted the same poll, while asking the query—“What would Anita, the protagonist, call it?”

Said monster is best described as a humanoid figure wrapped in plastic via wires, with sakura blossoms covering the face down to the crotch, and with exposed legs. One of the legs also appears to be missing a foot. If interested in knowing the idea behind this design, check out the video above.

Monsters in the Silent Hill franchise are not generally known for having complex names, except for a few, such as Valtiel. Naming is usually based on the identifying description of the monster or creature in question, like the Pyramid Head. This monster, however, has “Red Pyramid Thing” as its official name, similar to how James describes it upon initial encounter.

How would you name this creature based on its appearance alone?