Latest PS5 Update Prevents Disputed Cronus Zen Devices From Working Properly

Cronus Zen

In an address to the issue that lets users modify and add macros to their controllers through a piece of device called Cronus Zen, Sony has launched a new update for the PS5 to do exactly just that. The update (24.01-08.60.00) will still enable the PS5 to connect to the device, but not without disconnecting.

With the ability to give users easy access to certain controls, essentially giving said users an unfair advantage at the competitive level, the Cronus Zen is a contested technological feat in the gaming community.

Despite that dispute, the hardware has over half a million users, according to the manufacturer’s website. This suggests that a substantial number of players are already getting a leg up versus those who maintain a vanilla experience with their game.

In response to the update, Cronus announced a temporary fix, which is essentially asking every user to not update their console. Citing how optional the update is, rather than mandatory, the company stated, “Simply skip it and everything should still work with the Zen 2.2.2 update as expected”.

Cronus is not promising any timetable concerning a fix coming directly from them. With uncertainty as the overarching theme, it said that it could take at least a day at best or, at worst, up to two years. They simply did not know at this point, until they started digging into it.

Meanwhile, members of the gaming community are applauding Sony for the move, as they deride Cronus users on the Modern Warfare III subreddit.