Legendary Creator Akira Toriyama Has Passed Away at Age 68

Akira Toriyama has passed away on March 1, 2024 due to an acute subdural hematoma. The news came today through his team Bird Studio on the Dragon Ball official account.

Toriyama is most famous for creating the Dragon Ball manga but he has worked on many other works, such as Dr. Slump and many short stories.

On the game front, he has been the face of the JRPG juggernaut Dragon Quest. He also worked on the character designs for the classic Chrono Trigger.

Currently, a game adaption of his oneshot Sand Land is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on April 26, 2024. A new Budokai game called DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO is also coming to PS5 at an undisclosed date.

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