Library Of Ruina Gets New Promotional Trailer

Arc System Works shared a new promotional trailer for Library of Ruina. The video explores some of the story elements and shows battle animations in-between.

Library of Ruina is a ProjectMoon game that came out on PC and Xbox back in 2021. The PlayStation 4 port will include a brand new Japanese dub for the cast besides keeping the Korean voice option.

The game is a unique deckbuilder strategy experience. Players must fight guests to the library and turn them into books by defeating them in battle. Your goal is to eventually find the One Book that’s absolute above all others.

One of the main novelties of the PS4 edition is that it’ll add Japanese voice acting to the game. Some of the main characters and respective voice actors are in the video presentation:

Library of Ruina is coming to PlayStation 4 in Japan on April 25, 2024. The company hasn’t revealed the release date for the western edition yet, but plans to make it available during Spring 2024.