Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth—A closer look at the gameplay mechanics

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

The latest installment into the Like a Dragon franchise may be some weeks away from getting released. But that does not stop the internet from uncovering what the game entails. Thanks to the hands-on experience of PlayStation Blog correspondent De’Angelo Epps, we get to have an early look at Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s various and exciting gameplay mechanics.

Set in Hawaii

The Yakuza series and its spin-offs are known to take place in Japan. That reason alone makes Infinite Wealth a stand from the franchise for taking place in a completely different territory—the city of Honolulu in Hawaii. Not only is this locale significantly distinct from Japan, but it also offers bigger areas to explore. This means doing so by foot or with something unique, like a segway.

Haven for ex-Yakuzas

Japan may be the home of the Yakuzas. Hawaii, meanwhile, is a place where the former Yakuzas and the native Hawaiians lie. Be a friendly tourist and you develop a good reputation among the inhabitants, which results in boosted personality levels. But this is more than just about popularity as it entails getting new abilities in the process, such as an additional skill slot, better healing, etc.

Alo-Happy Tours

Hawaii, in Infinity Wealth, is not only an abode to the aforementioned as even tourists from Japan call it a temporary sanctuary, too. This makes a tourism company like Alo-Happy Tours significant, as far as catering to these tourists, like Kasuga. Participate in enough activities and you get to unlock a new job as well as fighting styles.

For example, learning to become a pop idol gives you healing and curing abilities; learning to become a host renders you with buffs and supportive skills; and learning how to fire dance allows you access to attacking mage skills.

Kasuga’s bucket list

In a quest to get the most out of his remaining time, Kasuga has come up with a bucket list of dreams he wishes to fulfill—and it is up to you, the player, to do just that. But more than just crossing out a list of activities, it is also about awakening the protagonist’s inner talents—soul, body, and tech.

Lifeblood of the island

A landmass risking obscurity is another major highlight in Infinite Wealth and is where the game’s building simulation takes place. By working on the island, the player can save the atoll by inviting more tourists into it.