Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and PS5 Top Famitsu Weekly Sales For January 22 To 28

Traditional Japanese publication Famitsu has announced the top games weekly sales for the period between January 22 and January 28, 2024. Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth tops the software sales.

Famitsu does weekly appraisals of retail sales in Japan. Their data reveals the current trends for both games (in the software category) and consoles (in the hardware category).

On the previous week, we had Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 topping the game charts and driving sales for the PS5. For the January 22 to 28 period, sales dropped only slightly for them while a Japanese game juggernaut appeared.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth launched during that week, and its PS5 edition sold 102,940 copies. The PS4 version hit third place at 77,134 sales. In between them was the Switch exclusive Shiren 6.

After the top 3, we had Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 selling 21,276 copies. The PS5 game sold 30,220 on the previous week, so it seems to be relatively stable in sales due to the PS5 bundle being taken into account for the rankings.

Concluding the top 5 game sales was Tekken 8. The game was another new release and its PS5 edition sold 20,516 copies. The rest of the top 30 list includes only Switch games and the PS4 edition of Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, which sold 2,104 copies.

On the console side of the sales data, PS5 dominated it with 41,188 systems sold. The digital-only version sold 8,757. During the previous week, they had sold, respectively, 45,971 and 11,932 units.