Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth—Sujimancer job class and Sujimon

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Sujimon

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is introducing a new quirk to its gameplay—the job class Sujimancer and the ability to recruit and invoke Sujimon in combat.

Infinite Wealth’s Hawaii is a place of fighters that will be known in the Western release of the game as “Sujimon”. You, as the player, will be able to recruit them and form a group of three to be trained for battle and ultimately to become the Sujimon Master. But before that could happen, you must first topple the Discreet Four as well as the reigning Sujimon Master.

Recruit Sujimon

Sujimons are scattered around Hawaii and are typically fighters you encounter and defeat in battle. To win them, however, would require giving them a Suji Gift, which subsequently ensures a recruit.

Alternatively, you can also find recruits among Sujimons during raids where a simple defeat could guarantee an addition to the roster. But raids are only temporary, so you must leverage their existence whenever possible.

But for a luck-based chance at getting a Sujimon, there is also a Sujimon Gacha where you can draw a Sujimon using either cash or gacha tickets.

Sujimons in general are diversified by their types, which come with their unique affinities. For instance, there is the Freakelele type, which serves as a healer, but with the combat ability to use blunt weapons (ukulele). Another instance would be the Dosukoi Gigantes, which due to their sizes alone, make for good tanks in Sujimon battles. But there are plenty of other types in store for you to explore and experiment with.

Building the perfect team

Sujimon battles are no walk in the park. But with some preparations, they can be easily won. The key to winning largely boils down to enhancing your team, which means going through the following—strengthening, awakening, and evolution.

To strengthen a Sujimon is to essentially feed it with a status-enhancing food called Sujimunch. Meanwhile, awakening is a process whereby a Sujimon will have to cannibalize another Sujimon. Pushing a Sujimon to its limit by consistently going for an awakening, however, can trigger it to evolve and be made more powerful.

Experiment and build the ideal roster.

Bring the island to life

Playing Infinite Wealth, you will come across the rather lifeless Dondoko Island. But with Sujimon, this landmass can be brought back to life. This means letting your Sujimon inhabit the island, via the Dondoko Farm, while doing the necessary work to keep it alive, such as raising crops.

Eventually, as you progress through the storyline, they would be able to unlock the Sujimancer job class and therefore call forth their Sujimon as aid in battle.