Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth’s New Game+ Is Limited Only To Deluxe & Ultimate Editions

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth New Game+

In an announcement that could bring disappointment to fans, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth‘s New Game+ feature is allegedly going to be exclusive only to the Deluxe and Ultimate versions of the game, the official website states.

When the game is released, Infinite Wealth will become commercially available in four variants—a physical copy and three digital. The physical is the Standard version while two in the digital versions have inclusions apart from just the base game, which are the Deluxe and Ultimate versions, respectively.

Traditionally, any version higher than the Standard is largely differentiated by inclusions within and outside the game. Sega, however, is making the Deluxe and Ultimate versions extra special, but not necessarily in a manner that can be described as “pro-consumer”. That is, by making the New Game+ feature exclusive to just both.

In clarifying a potential confusion that arose with the information, Redditor Megasomark reached out to Sega’s customer support where it was cleared that the NG+ feature is indeed exclusive to the “Master Vacation” bundle. Referencing back to the game’s official website, it points to either the Deluxe or Ultimate version of the game.

Without an official word from Sega on the topic, it is also yet unclear whether the NG+ feature is part of the bonus that comes with pre-ordering the game. Until that is settled, it appears that gamers will have to fork over $84.99 for the Deluxe version at least to experience an extended playtime, via NG+, in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.