Macross Shooting Insight Comes West in 2024

Red Art Games has announced the release of Macross Shooting Insight in North American and European territories. The shoot’em up will be available on PS4 and PS5 in 2024.

The company plans to release digital and physical editions for both territories. They plan to share a specific release date and more details at a later date.

The shmup includes characters from Macross Plus, Zero, 7, Frontier, and Delta. Fan-favorite songs are also part of the experience, and the title will keep its Japanese voice-acting in the English edition.

Kaminari Games (Raiden V Director’s Cut) is the developer, and the game is a “multi-dimensional shooting game.” Instead of being horizontal or vertical, the game alternates between these modes and a 360 scroller one during stages.

Check out an old teaser for the game from Japanese publisher Bushiroad: