Magician’s Dead: Force of the Soul Now Available on PlayStation 4 with English Text Support

Oizumi Amuzio Inc. has just announced that Magician’s Dead: Force of the Soul, an arcade masterpiece that created a buzz as the first publisher’s title is now available on PlayStation 4. Curiously, while the title seems to be only in the Japanese PSN Store for now, the page mentions it has English text support.

Magician’s Dead: Force of the Soul is a competitive team battle action game in which players are divided into two teams and battle against each other. Players can either play in a Ranked Match in which battle results are reflected in the rankings, or a Casual Match.

Furthermore, in single-player mode, players can learn more about the world and the characters, with a fully-voiced Story Mode with English text support. Here’s a translated synopsis of the story:

Wizards, wielders of ancient magic, have lived with humans since long ago.
Many of them live their whole lives without being aware that they are magicians.
Nothing was supposed to have changed in their daily lives.

Suddenly, a world government agency revealed the existence of magicians behind terrorist acts. Furthermore, the government announces the formation of E.I.X., an international security group of psychics who had been formed in secret.

Ten years have passed since then. The threat of E.I.X. looms over the village of Grantsbury, where wizards live peacefully. It is there that a young wizard girl rises to the occasion.

The battle between the two opposing factions: The magicians and psychics enters a new phase.

You can view the trailer for Magician’s Dead: Force of the Soul below: