Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 glitch lets you free roam as Venom

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Venom glitch

A newly discovered Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 glitch allows players to free-roam New York City as Venom.

Players who have played through a significant portion of Spider-Man 2 would know that they could only play as Venom on one particular mission in-game. In particular, the “Don’t Be Scared” mission. Beyond that, it is Peter Parker and Miles Morales tandem once again. But one player, Ellemen, has discovered a bug that lets you go beyond the limits of the designated mission as Venom.

To trigger the glitch, players must first be playing as Venom during the said mission. Progress through the mission until encountering a group of soldiers whereby the player must spam the jump button to reach the peak of the building that has a giant billboard on top of it. From there, turn right to activate the bug.

Following the process is akin to entering an invisible wall that lets players freely wander across New York City. However, there are caveats to instigating this bug:

  • • It has the potential to ruin the player’s saved data.
  • Enemies do not spawn when you go back to the checkpoint.
  • Fighting enemies anywhere on the map is not possible.
  • Venom cannot swing from building to building.
  • Quests cannot be completed.

In reality, there is no good point in trying out this bug, considering the risks involved. Unless, of course, the player wants some more personal time with Venom across New York City, then that is probably a risk worth going for.