Mecha BREAK Announced for PS5

During The Game Awards 2023, studio Amazing Seasun has announced Mecha BREAK. The big robot multiplayer action game is coming to PlayStation 5 but no release date was disclosed.

Mecha BREAK is a mech battle game in which players can engage in aerial and ground combat. Multiple weapon styles for close and long range are part of the experience.

Robot customization is another important element of the game, and it’ll be possible to change the color scheme in detail. Unique hues, glosses, metallic tones, decals and patterns can be used to make unique mechs.

Besides facing other teams in 3-player or 6-player squads, the game will feature battle royale combat. Up to 48 players will have to face hostile mechs and outmaneuver the opponents to survive and win.

Check out the reveal trailer: