Metro Awakening Announced For PSVR2

Vertigo Games has announced Metro Awakening during the State of Play of January 31, 2024. The game is coming to PlayStation VR2 in 2024, though a more specific date has yet to be revealed.

Metro is a post-apocalyptic FPS series, and associate game director Samar Louwe talks about its immersive nature on the PlayStation Blog. It’s a prequel to the other games, making it a good entry point.

The game’s PlayStation Store page describes it as follows:

Metro Awakening is a story-driven first person adventure built exclusively for VR that blends atmospheric exploration, stealth and combat in the most immersive Metro experience yet.

The year is 2028

The survivors of nuclear Armageddon cling to existence in the buried subways of the Moscow Metro – civilization’s last refuge and tomb, where ghosts and spirits haunt the living in this man-made

You are Serdar, a doctor braving the darkness, crippling radiation and deadly threats of the Metro in the search for your wife and the medication she so desperately needs. As your courage and sanity are pushed to the limit you must learn to walk the line between life and death, the spirit and the material world, and awaken the being you will become…