Minecraft Version 1.21 Update Will Introduce Wind Charges and Vaults

Minecraft Wind Charges Vaults

Minecraft’s next major update is just around the corner and Mojang is testing out some cool new features. Namely, Wind Charges and Vaults.

Per Minecraft’s blog, players will be able to harness the power of the wind, thanks to the item called Wind Charges. This item is exhaustible, which means that the player’s ability to invoke it would be dependent on how much they have in their inventory. It cannot be crafted. However, players can gather as many as they would like by simply killing Breezes.

Wind Charges can be used in one of two ways. Use it for offense and blow the mobs away or as a way of transport. The latter specifically refers to giving the player an increased jump elevation when used to charge their jumps.

Part of the fun of playing Minecraft is coming across loot. Mojang’s introduction of Vaults is aimed exactly at promoting that—but with a slight twist. Unlike chests that can be emptied, Vaults are essentially a treasure trove for anyone who has a Trial Key. Vaults are only found in Trial Chambers, however, and a Trial Key is gotten by random. This means that anyone—even the slowest or the weakest of the group—has the chance to get ahold of one and earn their reward.