Modern Warfare 3 Travis-Rilea error code 14515 workaround

Modern Warfare 3

The follow-up to the 2019 rebooted Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Modern Warfare 3, was recently released to a disappointed fanbase. But this does not stop the game from being playable, especially the multiplayer aspect, even pushing the game’s servers to become so over-encumbered at times in the process. Unfortunately, it also means that some players are bound to encounter an issue that prevents them from joining the fun altogether.

Coming in the form of “Modern Warfare 3 Travis-Rilea error code 14515,” the glitch has been reportedly appearing more often, identified as a server-related problem. This suggests that the game, despite getting harsh criticisms from the fan base, is gaining so much traction among the gaming community that it is hardly able to accommodate them all.

Addressing error code 14515

There is no indication that Activision is keen on resolving the issue by making necessary upgrades on its servers, considering the game’s reception. But players have found a way to bypass the technical glitch when it occurs. That is, simply close the game, which automatically logs the player out from the server, and then re-run it again. Once the game boots up again, the player will automatically reconnect to the game’s server, enabling a placement in the virtual queue.

Another working method, while not the most favorable for US-based players, would be to just play the game during off-peak hours. This means choosing to play at a time when there are not many people queueing to play the game. Typically, this would be around nighttime.